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Breaking Addictions

Days before Tiger Woods’ 36th birthday, Woods ended a two-plus year drought of winless golf.  Sunday, December 4, Tiger Woods won the Chevron World Challenge, which was his first victory in 749 days.  Most everyone can recall the events that changed the course of these last two years for Tiger.  This drought started with much of Tiger’s personal life being on display for the entire world.  Tiger Woods’ sin of adultery and struggle with sex addiction became common knowledge around the world.  As a result, it seemed like it became very easy to look down on Tiger Woods and feel so much superior to him.  Tiger’s adultery and struggle with sin was awful and has resulted in much turmoil and destruction in his life.  Above all, it was obviously sin and rebellion against his Creator, the Triune God.  Yet, is our nature any different than his?  Are we that much better?  Are we free from the control of addiction in our own life?
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Happy Birthday Marion Jones

Today is Marion Jones 36th birthday.  Jones’ uncommon athletic talent made her achievements seem effortless, along with her charisma and poise she seemingly had it all- America loved her. Jones was a dual-athlete standout at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill, competing on both the women’s basketball team and the track and field team.  She won a national championship at UNC-CH in 1994, before moving on to a career as a professional track and field athlete.  Jones went on to win 3 gold medals and 2 bronze medals at the 2000 Olympic games in Sydney.
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Video Blog: Forgiveness

LifeWay has decided to come to the race shop to film the last five topics for Game Plan For Life for their small group study. They did the first six topics for the first part of the GPFL small group study and now they will finish with the final five topics. If you want to get the study, you can do so at any LifeWay store or visit the GPFL website. I recently spoke in Myrtle Beach and then later that day went on to speak at Turbeville Correctional Institution. This is always very rewarding for me. We continue to try to do this–when I speak in a city at a breakfast to later in the day speak again at a prison. A number of you have asked me to come speak in your city in the future but as of right now, we are trying to keep all of our speaking engagements in the southeast. If there’s someone out there in the southeast who would like us to come and speak in your city, you can call Phyllis at 704-944-1559.
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The Way We Want

If left entirely up to your legs, back, feet, and side, there would never be a jog that lasted long enough to do you any good. Your brain can envision leaner muscles, better conditioning, greater endurance, and that deep, rich feeling of accomplishment, but your individual body parts don’t care one bit about that. They just want out. They want this over. They want a long squirt of water and a place to sit down.

We have wants like these all the time. We want to eat too much. We want to ogle women. We want to ignore responsibility. We want to tell somebody what we really think of them. And though any of these may start with legitimate needs for nourishment and pleasure and honesty and rest, every time our wants run roughshod over God’s clear teachings for us-his game plan-they become sin.
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