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Jason Campbell: Toughness

Jason Campbell played football for Auburn University before he was drafted in the first round by the Washington Redskins in the 2005 NFL Draft. As a starter at Auburn, he had a different offensive coordinator every year but Campbell found his stride during his senior season when he led the Tigers to an undefeated season and was named SEC Player of the Year and MVP of the SEC Championship Game.

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Financial Principals from Game Plan 4 Life

In Coach Gibbs’ book, Game Plan for Life, there are many chapters that can help us in our everyday life, but Chapter 9 on Finances is an area that seems to be the number one area where we all need help. At the beginning of the chapter Coach talks about his struggles and mistakes that he made with money. The biggest of them all being the real estate mess he got into in Oklahoma. During this financial crisis Coach wrote down at least 15 things he learned that has helped him to make financial decisions for the rest of his life. In the Bible finances is talked about over 2,000 times and the main thing Coach will tell you he learned was to follow God’s word and trust in Him. Don’t try to do it yourself and outside of the guidelines that are laid out for us in his Word. The second most important thing he learned? Listen to your wife!
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My Job: Race-Team Pilot

Joe Gibbs Racing currently employs 6 full-time pilots, 1 full-time flight attendant and 5 part-time flight attendants to operate two company planes and one company jet.  JGR Director of Aviation, Ivan Beach, is in charge of managing the entire aviation department- quite a feat for a man who was originally told he would never fly a plane.  Ivan shares with us his unique perspective into the mind of a pilot as well as things and lessons he has learned along the way.
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