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Chalk Talks with Joe Gibbs: Does God Exist? No. 1.1: Am I an Accident?

In this first Chalk Talk, Joe looks at the existence of God. He explains why several reason why he believes that God does exist. Part 1 of the first Chalk Talk discusses the idea of intelligent design. Be sure to check out all four segments of this video.

Thank you for joining me for this first devotional.

I am kind of going to do something different and interesting in this devotional. I am going to try and prove to you (or anyone else out there) that God exists. Most people say to me “Joe, if you can prove to me that God exists, I will believe”. So I am going to attempt to do that today in this very first devotional.

I start with sharing this little moment with you. I can still remember the very first decision I had to make in life. I was in the third grade and 9 years old at Sand Hill Elementary School. Basically, this is what the teacher was telling me in class: two amoebas happen to hit 2 billion years ago and I was the result. That did not sound too good to me because the teacher was saying I was an accident. You stop and think about that. Are we accidents? That’s one of the things that the world tells us – we evolve from something, something blew up and we got here by accident. Thank goodness my Mother and Grandmother had me in church and in church that pastor was telling me something totally different. He was telling me there was a loving God who was all powerful, all knowing and all loving. He looked down and knit me together in my Mother’s womb. He made me special, different and He wanted to have a personal relationship with me. So that was my first big decision – accident or that a loving God made me. I got to tell you that was an easy decision for me. I got up and went forward in church at 9 years old and said “God, I know I am no accident, I know that you are there, I know that you made me and I want to have a personal relationship with you.

Now I also share with people when talking about could we have possibly gotten here by accident, I use this illustration. Take a look at my watch. If any of you out there looked at this watch, you would say it is a complicated piece of machinery -second hand, minute hand, very complicated. Then I ask you if you believe there is a watch maker? Every single person out there by common deduction would say yes. Complicated piece of machinery can’t be an accident – they had to make it. Now think about it. You haven’t met him, you have never talked to him but you believe there is a watchmaker.

Think about this world and the way it is put together. We have the plants that put off the oxygen you and I breathe. We have men and women and the ability to love each other. I remember waiting outside for my first grandson to be born. I heard him crying and ten minutes later they put him in my arms. His eyes went right to mine like he was saying “Coach, let’s get it on”. That little guy and the feelings I have for him and the world the way it is crafted – I offer that to you as proof that God exists. This world and the way it is made cannot be an accident. Somebody had to make it.


Joe Jantorno

Love the chalk talks Keep them going

Saw you were at Skins/Cowboys game last week

Go Skins, lets even some past issues with Seattle up

Ron Furgerson

Great “chalk talk” by a great coach (in my view the greatest). I’m looking forward to the remainder of these sessions and recommending them to my friends.

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