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Chalk Talks with Joe Gibbs: Does God Exist? No. 1.3: God in other’s lives

In this first Chalk Talk, Joe looks at the existence of God. He explains why several reason why he believes that God does exist. In this segment, Joe talks about how he has seen God work changes in another person’s life. Be sure to check out all four segments of this video.

The third thing is what I have seen God do in other’s lives.

I share this with you. One of my closest friends, Don Breaux, and I coached together a number of different times. I was coaching at San Diego State way back when I first started coaching and I get a phone call in the middle of the week from this guy, Don Breaux. He was at Florida State. He talked to me about coming to the East Coast to coach and I did that. Pat and I moved and I coached there for two years. I had a close personal relationship with Don Breaux. In those days, Don had foul language, fishing all the time, probably not the closest relationship with his wife and kids. Don was kind of a wild man.

So, after two years at Florida State, Don takes off to take another coaching job and we get back together two years after that at Arkansas. Here is what I witnessed. Don’s language had totally changed and his relationship with his wife, Harleen, had totally changed. They now had a close personal relationship. He was calling her from work and his relationship with his two daughters had definitely changed. Now here was someone in the process of two years who had taken on a totally new outlook on things. I am saying to myself – what in the world has happened here? I said to Don, “what has happened to you?” He told me he had given his life to Christ. He had invited Him to come into his life and be his Lord and personal Savior and that it had totally changed his life.

I’ve got to tell you that it is awful hard for us to change our behavior and in the process of two years I saw Don totally change. He is a testimony to what God can do to change someone’s life and I think that is something that is hard to do ourselves.

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