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Chalk Talks with Joe Gibbs No. 3: Courage for the Wild Ride

There are times in life where the problems seem so difficult that there is no possible solution. Things are so bad that there does not seem to be a way out. In this video, Joe shares about some of the times like this that he has faced and how God gave him the courage to work through these times. He also shares some stories from the Bible that support God’s strength and his ability to give us courage.

Again, this little devotional I am going to share with you today came from Chalk Talks. You can go on our website where you can get information on obtaining this book of devotionals.

I want you to think about this for a minute. We talk about all the things that happen in sports. We are racing cars, it’s competitive and it’s NASCAR. I am standing in Dover, Delaware in the pit and all of a sudden I heard the crowd go up and with all this noise I knew something had happened on the track. I turned and looked on the TV set and here’s Joey Logano’s #20 Home Depot flipping time after time coming down the track at Dover – 8 times that car turns over. Everybody is scared to death and your heart is in your throat. I take off running to the hospital and I get there and Joey’s Dad is there too. We are standing there looking at Joey and he is fine. He was shaken and shook up. Basically the doctors asked him a series of questions and then they release him. He was fine.

As we sat and talked about that scary wreck during the week, I’m thinking that maybe Joey wants to sit out the next week’s race which would probably be a good idea. Instead, Joey said he thought he needed to make a statement because he was young in this sport and wanted to race the next week. Can you believe this? He goes out the very next time he got in a race car which was a Nationwide race and won it. Now that was a statement about courage. At different times in your life, it takes courage if we are going to go forward.

I have been reading Acts 4 in the Bible. As we go back in God’s word, Peter and John were in a situation that also took courage. They were on their way to the temple to preach and they saw a lame beggar on the side of the road near the entrance to the city. They stopped and the beggar asked for money. Peter and John said “we don’t have money – we are going to give you something more important” – and they healed him. Now, think about this. The Pharisees didn’t like that. They didn’t want to hear that someone had performed a miracle so they put Peter and John in jail. Now as a backdrop to this, the Pharisees were really uptight because basically they didn’t want anyone preaching about God and Christ and what Christ had done on this earth plus the fact he was resurrected and came back to earth. They didn’t want anyone preaching that but that’s what Peter and John were preaching and they had healed a beggar. Basically, they kept them in jail overnight but here’s what grabbed the Pharisees. Peter and John were unschooled ordinary men but to be quite truthful the Pharisees were astonished. They knew they had been with Jesus. Peter and John were released with the caution that they were not to preach. It took courage for them to make a decision – were they going to preach or were they going to run? The bottom line is that they stood up which took tremendous courage because they knew that Jesus had actually been crucified and the same thing could happen to them. Peter and John took the approach that they were going to preach.

I think that’s the challenge in life. At different times in our lives it is going to take courage to do things. I think that these acts of courage that we see today and particularly what we read about in God’s word as we study Him, these were people who took a real strong stand for the Lord and kept preaching. As I look back at things like the youth home, that took a lot of courage – 4 guys who stepped out and said we want to do something like build a youth home in Washington, D.C. We had no money and it was really a dream of doing something to help kids. We wanted to form a youth home that taught Godly principles. The four of us in that first meeting had nothing at that point. We had a banquet and one thing led to another and we were able to get the youth home built. I stop and look back at that many times and say that took guts. I’m not so sure today if you told me to go start a youth home that I would have enough courage to do that. As I look back on when we started the youth home, that was really God doing it. It wasn’t us. It was God establishing that youth home. There was miracle after miracle that I could detail for you (and sometime I might do that for you) that I saw take place financially and many other ways – people coming on board to help build that youth home.

So many times in life we are faced with things that take courage. You might be in one of those right now. It might be vocational or financial. It might be something to do with your family. If we are staying in God’s word and have courage whether it is prayer or serious Bible study and we feel led to do something by God, then let’s take that step. Let’s take that step of courage and step out. It’s happened many times in my life. There’s times in my life when I have shied away from things and have been afraid to do things. I think just like Peter and John we need to have courage and take that step and remember that nothing is too big for God. There are miracles out there waiting for us if we take that first step.

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Jeff Marconi

Coach, are you planning any trips back to Washington for one of your inspirational talks ?


Loved the piece with Mr Wynn and Mr Vincent…Thanks to Coach Joe for the forum, and men like these will ‘step up’ and ‘make plays’ in the game of life with their passions and insights for all of us, even a sinner like me… a 53 year old kid who so admires what those 3 and others have added to my loves of football and God’s grace…I pray for ‘chalk talks’ to go viral with 100′s of interviews/stories…peace


Great video!

Vicki Thomas

There isn’t any person that I respect more than you! Wish I had met you when you were with the Bucs! The 1st time the Redskins played the Bucs I fell in love with them. They had such confidence coming onto the field & I’ve been hooked ever since! You speaking out about your love of God was amazing to me & still is. Thank you!

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