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Chalk Talks with Joe Gibbs No. 2: Nothing is Impossible with God

Sometimes life presents problems that seem impossible to resolve. Joe Gibbs shares some difficult times that he has faced, and how God has been there with him to help resolve these tough situations. Gibbs also shares some Biblical background for why we should have faith that nothing is impossible for God.

This inspirational time I am going to share with you today came from our Chalk Talks. We just came out with this devo. It is 40 devotionals. You can go to our website, Game Plan for, to get information about purchasing. I have chosen several of these for an ongoing series we are going to have.

I want you to picture yourself standing on the sidelines of FedEx Field. This happened to me 4-5 years ago. You are playing Buffalo. You are up 16-14 with one minute to go in the game and they are getting ready to kick a 51-yard field goal. If they make it, you lose the game. Talk about pressure. Let me just back up for one full week and then we’ll come back to that point where I was standing on the sidelines.
I got a phone call at 6am on Monday from Dan Snyder, the owner of the Redskins, telling me that Sean Taylor, our great All-Pro Safety, had been shot defending his family during a break-in at his house. Can you imagine that? Our football had gone through a full week. Dan Snyder was nice enough to fly us all down to the funeral in Miami. We all got to talk about Sean.

We had all fought our guts out in this Buffalo game and at this point knowing a field goal would beat us, I have got to make a decision and I decided to “ice” the kicker and called a timeout which happens a lot in football. All of a sudden I thought to myself in the heat of everything that is happening (and knowing we had timeouts left), I turned to the referee and called another timeout. You can’t do that in the NFL. At that point, here is where I was – after that horrible week we had, I just felt I had made the worst call in my coaching career. At that point, I knew there would be nothing positive said about my coaching career ever. That is how low I was.

Think about that in life. Have you ever reached a point like that where it seems like everything is falling apart? Well, in my Bible study for that week, I was studying in 2 Kings, Chapter 3 and there we have the story of Jehoshaphat. He was on a big march with his army and they were going to fight the evil King Moab. They had been marching seven days, wound up in a valley and they ran out of water. So here they are in this valley with no water and lots of animals so Jehoshaphat thinks he is going to wind up perishing in this valley. He thought to himself in prayer and said “let’s find out what Elisha has to say about this”. Elisha was God’s prophet. They went to Elisha who had been praying about the situation and here is what he said to Jehoshaphat – “here is what God has told me”. He said “I want you to fill this valley full of ditches”. They are in the middle of a desert. Elisha told them they were not going to see any hint of anything that is going to happen. There are not going to be any clouds, there is not going to be any wind but He is going to fill the valley full of water. Can you imagine that? You are being told as a King to start digging ditches. But Jehoshaphat believed Elisha and believed in God and dug the ditches. The next morning God filled that entire valley full of water. Elisha said God had told him that “this is an easy thing for God to do”. You’ve got to say this about Jehoshaphat. He was faithful. He did dig the ditches without seeing any indication at that point that anything good was going to happen.

That’s exactly where I was. Everything that I had gone through that week with Sean and our football team – there was no hint of anything positive in my life. You may be in that situation right now. I say to you that we need to be faithful and start digging the ditches. In my case, I said I was going to keep faithful here and keep coaching hard. We had to play a game on Thursday of that week against the Bears. We had a short time to prepare. They came to town and we beat the Bears in what I thought was one of the best games I had seen us play. Can you believe we went on to win 4 games straight playing the Giants in New York and Dallas Cowboys in our stadium? We finished 9-7 and got to the playoffs. There was hardly anything said in the press about me making that horrible call against Buffalo. So I just encourage you by telling you nothing is too big for God and there may be a point in your life or you could be there right now – where you see nothing positive and no indication that God is there – to be faithful. If we keep digging ditches, God can do anything.

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Thanks for joining me.


Joe Jantorno

I remember the Sean Taylor incident and the Buffalo game like yesterday. The season ended with the playoffs. Keep up the chalk talks. Always interesting and uplifting

Jeff Clark

Amen Coach..great to have you back!

Shane Beck

This is very inspirational ! and I enjoyed reading and listening to Joe Gibbs tell this story and would love to read the entire book !

Dr. Michael Hudgins

Thank you Coach for this chalk talk. It really spoke volumes to what I am dealing with.

You’re the best….Mike

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