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Joe Gibbs on Steve Jobs’ Leave

Each week when we have these little updates I try and give you something that has reached out to me from an inspirational standpoint or where God has laid something on my heart and made some kind of impression on me.

This morning something jumped out at me.  I had picked up USA Today and the very first headline I saw was talking about Steve Jobs from Apple and the fact he was going to have to take a medical leave.  This really got me thinking because the biggest struggle in my life that I have shared with ya’ll is having the right priorities in life.  At different times in my life I have been caught up in winning football games because I wanted to be successful.  I wanted people to think I was someone special in the sporting world.  I have been caught up in winning Motocross and NASCAR Championships.  Obviously at different times in your life you say to yourself that you want to make money for your family and you are working hard to provide all these things for the family.  That struggle for me has been a hard one.  As I have shared before, many times I have asked God to forgive me for having the wrong priorities in life.  This article in USA Today jumped out at me because here we have is what is probably one of the most successful businessmen in the world running one of the most successful companies in the world.  When I see a medical issue like this come up it really speaks to me because I am quite a bit older than Steve Jobs.  I am 70 years old.  How long do we have on this earth?  It grabs me and makes me think – Am I storing up treasures in Heaven.  Do I have the right priorities in life?  It is a constant struggle with me.
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Resolutions: How To Stay on Track

It’s that time of year again where everyone feels the guilt, or better yet, the weight of the added pounds gained during the holiday season.  You told yourself you were not going to overindulge in the delicious holiday treats and festive beverages, but you did.  You told yourself you were going to workout extra to make up for your overindulgence, but you didn’t.  Whatever the case may be, you are not happy with the way you look or the way you feel as the year winds down and you’re ready to make the change this New Year.  Now I’m not a big fan of fitness New Year’s resolutions simply because most people set a huge, unattainable, unrealistic goal to begin with.  Then they get tunnel vision, focusing on the big goal; overwork themselves in the beginning at a pace that can’t be maintained.  They do make progress, but eventually hit a brick wall wearing themselves into the ground.  They have over trained and may have even hurt themselves.  A month or two later they are physically and mentally done.  Game over.  Try again next year.

If this describes you, let’s break things down to help you set specific, more realistic goals, and ways to stay on track:
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Joe Gibbs Video: Christmas is here!

With our ministry update, I want to talk to you first about our website.  We’ve rolled out a new design and it’s something we are excited about.  We have some new material in the form of short stories.  For example, one of the stories is the ‘Top 10 Most Dangerous Occupations in America.’  These stories are interesting to read but segue into a chapter from the Game Plan For Life book.  I would encourage you to check out the website and would love your feedback.

We’ve been excited here lately because over the last two days we’ve been filming part two of the Game Plan For Life small group study with LifeWay.  We filmed part one of the study in the past and you can purchase it at any LifeWay store or online through our website.  The first installment were video introductions to the first six chapters for the small group study.  We filmed a number of the introductions here at the race shop as well as at the football stadium.  Things went so well with the first six video introductions that they wanted to finish and do the last five topics with video introductions.  We just finished filming these last five video introductions yesterday and in a couple of months, you can get the complete set.
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Challenges of Adoption

Throughout the journey of adoption, where my wife and I find ourselves searching for a son or daughter to share our home and our hearts with, I come across people who tell us how caring and how big our hearts must be.  In my mind I wrestle with this because deep in my heart I don’t feel that way. I feel selfish.

I want to be a dad, just like other men. I want to coach baseball, soccer and other sports. I want to be a mentor to a young mind who doesn’t know how much life has to offer them.

Will they enjoy the hobbies I loved as a kid, the music I play or the lifestyle I live to today?  I want to explore the world and watch their eyes light up when they discover their one true calling, whatever that may.
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