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Joe Gibbs Video: My Feelings on the 2010 Racing Season

Before I get into talking about my feelings about the end of the Sprint Cup season–lets talk about Motocross.  We’re all excited about our team this year.  Justin Brayton and Davi Milsaps will be our drivers and the season will be starting in the beginning of January in Anaheim.  I hope you can watch us or come to the event if you live in California.

In our Nationwide Series–we couldn’t have asked for anything more.  We had a ton of wins and completely dominated the Series and we wound up with the Owner’s Championship for the third year in a row.  That’s a big win for everyone at Joe Gibbs Racing and we appreciate the drivers: Joey, Kyle, and Brad Coleman.  It was definitely a world record-type of year for us.
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5 Christmas Movies for Dad & the Family

The Christmas season has long been a time for blockbuster releases at the theater and while a few of our recommendations for best Christmas movies for a Dad to watch with his family most of these became classics over time. With each of them the reason is the same: they all tell timeless stories, can be enjoyed by the entire family regardless of age, and as an added bonus can be found at no charge on television every year. Watch all five with your wife and kids and you’ll cover the gamut of emotions from falling down laughter to somber teachable moments.
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6 Quotes to Inspire Success

Complacency and procrastination can be like a disease. It can handicap us and keep us from taking that one chance to apply ourselves to reach the level of success we are capable of. We can choose to sit back and not take a chance when the bills are being paid. We can make excuses about why we don’t take that step into then unknown when the bills are not being paid.

To achieve success whether it’s personal or professional, or even relationships or sports, we must take a chance. Until we submit ourselves to the scrutiny of the task at hand, success remains beyond reach. Since the dawn of man, we have wrestled with the procrastination that keeps us from stepping out of our comfort zone, but great men have always been there to remind us, with simple words, why we should step out and risk failure against success.
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5 Men Who Paid for Their Laziness

You wouldn’t think laziness or sloth would be a character trait that would achieve fame of any kind. In fact, there are men throughout history that achieved fame or infamy and then following their rise to the top, they succumbed to laziness that brought them far back down. There are others who used their laziness as a pretense for their success and yet others who saw laziness as a means to a beneficial end.
Here are the top five men who have been known for their laziness or succumbed to laziness or even benefited if not in a small way for being lazy when time called for it.
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10 Must-See World Treasures

One thing that history has taught us is that civilizations grow, advance, and then ultimately perish. We can trace the lives of our ancestors through the construction of ancient cities and fine arts, societies have left architectural scars on our planet. In many cases these structures defy logic and reasoning, bringing forth questions about their construction. This article will be examining ten world treasures and travel destinations that you might not be familiar with, places that are surrounded with mystery and objects that represent a larger purpose. If you are planning a world vacation, be sure to visit the places on this list.
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