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Video Blog: Forgiveness

LifeWay has decided to come to the race shop to film the last five topics for Game Plan For Life for their small group study. They did the first six topics for the first part of the GPFL small group study and now they will finish with the final five topics. If you want to get the study, you can do so at any LifeWay store or visit the GPFL website. I recently spoke in Myrtle Beach and then later that day went on to speak at Turbeville Correctional Institution. This is always very rewarding for me. We continue to try to do this–when I speak in a city at a breakfast to later in the day speak again at a prison. A number of you have asked me to come speak in your city in the future but as of right now, we are trying to keep all of our speaking engagements in the southeast. If there’s someone out there in the southeast who would like us to come and speak in your city, you can call Phyllis at 704-944-1559.

The other initiative that’s going on right now is the Zondervan GPFL Bible. We’re finishing up that project as well as working on the devotional and New Testament Study Bible. We’re really excited about this project.

Lastly, I want to share something with you that I’ve been studying recently. In Matthew 27, Judas has turned over Jesus. When you think about this, there is no greater sin. Judas has said to the chief priests and elders, I’m going to turn Jesus over to you and you can crucify him. Then Judas goes and receives his 30 pieces of silver and realizes what a sin he has committed. He tries to give the money back but they don’t want it back and ask him to leave. At one point in this story, Judas is standing before Jesus as the chief priests and elders take him to be crucified. Jesus says to him, “Where for art thou come?” Even at this point, Judas had an opportunity to ask for forgiveness. Isn’t that marvelous, that no matter what our sins are–we have the ability to ask forgiveness. Think about the thief on the cross–Jesus says to him that he will see him in heaven. No matter what we’ve done, God can forgive us.

So, I say to everyone out there, just as a I said to the prisoners at Turbeville, we serve a God of second chances. There’s nothing you’ve done that God can’t forgive. Look at David–sex sins, murder, lying, etc. He committed almost every sin you ever could yet he threw himself at God’s feet. God saw what was on his heart and said this is a man after my own heart. So, if you’re wondering out there if God can forgive you for your past, the answer is yes. God sent his only Son to die on a cross for our sins and if you trust what Christ did on the cross and ask God to forgive your sins and be your Lord and personal Savior–he will enter your life.

If any of you out there want to read more on this topic, I would recommend you read Ravi Zacharias’s chapter in Game Plan For Life.


Dan Shock

Tremendous encouragement at this Christmas season!

Thanks Joe!

Merry Christmas….

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