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What is GPFL?

What does it mean to win in life? How can you find true success and relevance in your life?

Coach Joe Gibbs has seen a lot of success as well as his share of failures. He’s seen that even the wealthy real estate tycoon successful on the outside, but on the inside living with a broken marriage and kids who want nothing to do with him. He’s also seen the guy who made it to the top of the company only to lose his position when the firm is sold, devastated and wondering what’s next. Coach Gibbs has experienced significant success and failures himself. That’s why he developed the Game Plan for Life.

The Game Plan for Life is a fail proof, long-term approach that will change you from the inside and impact every area of your life—from relationships to finances to your view of what winning really means. You’ll find true success, relevance and lasting peace if you follow it.

There are a lot of “game plans” offered on TV and in bookstores every day. Some offer ultimate wealth (and inner peace) through real estate investments. Others promise the confidence needed to make it to the top of your company. Many propose to help you find that missing link towards becoming wealthy, powerful and popular.

These game plans sometimes have a strong sales pitch and a steep price connected to them. Maybe you’ve tried one, two, or even more plans. The question is—How’s that plan working out for you?

As a three-time Super Bowl winning Head Coach of the Washington Redskins, owner of a three-time NASCAR championship team with 450+ employees and sponsors like Home Depot, FedEx, Mars Candy, Coke and Interstate Batteries, Joe Gibbs has seen success. He is often asked to share his experiences and keys to winning. As a man of strong Christian convictions, Coach Gibbs believes success starts with knowing who is the head coach is (God), what is His playbook for life (the Bible), and what the winning strategies outlined in the Bible will help us live successfully today.

Coach Gibbs commissioned a national public opinion research firm to survey men and find out what they are most concerned about and where they’d like to have success in their lives. This survey revealed 11 areas of prime concern ranging from health, to finances to relationships to overcoming sin. These topics make up the Game Plan for Life. Coach Gibbs developed a team of top experts to address these topics so that the “average Joe” can find meaning in them.

The Game Plan for Life project has taken forms. It was released as a book in July of 2009 at the Allstate 400 at the Brickyard in Indianapolis. It will reach the world through this site. And it will be presented in other media as well.

We hope you join us in this project and learn what true success and relevance are in your life!

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