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Intro Into our New Blog

Updated: Jun 3, 2022

NCFMP: The Mission, The Ministry, The Men

Blog Introduction

By A NCFMP Member,

NCFMP Graduate Assistant & Ambassadors In Exile (AIE) Editor

Introduction to the North Carolina Field Minister Program (NCFMP)

The North Carolina Field Minister Program (NCFMP) is a joint venture of North Carolina Department of Public Safety (DPS), Southeastern Baptist Theological Seminary (SEBTS), and Game Plan for Life (GPL)—a nonprofit founded by Joe Gibbs.

NCFMP administrators select long-term incarcerated persons who receive four years of on-site education and training at Nash Correctional Institution from The College at Southeastern, culminating in a Bachelor’s in Pastoral Ministry with an emphasis in counseling.

Graduates deploy in small teams to the prisons of North Carolina with the goal of changing the prison culture from inside the culture by mentoring and counseling others who are incarcerated.

The pioneer class arrived in 2017 and graduated in December 2021. These Field Minister graduates deployed in teams to Foothills, Granville (formerly Polk), Nash, Piedmont, and Warren correctional institutions.

Introduction to Ambassadors In Exile (AIE)

Ambassadors In Exile (AIE) is a publication created by NCFMP students and graduates. AIE represents NCFMP seminary students, active Field Ministers, and all incarcerated people. AIE seeks to inform readers on the situations and challenges faced in the unique ministerial context of people who are incarcerated.

AIE writers endeavor to deliver informative and interesting content. AIE writers focus on providing insightful information on relevant topics and interesting personal accounts of life and ministry in the prison context.

This distinct context affords AIE the opportunity to contribute to the conversations on a range of topics. All writing provides valuable information on the subject matter, an insider’s perspective on how that information applies in the environment of incarceration, and personal lessons and applications from NCFMP representatives.

AIE aims to provide readers with an up-close look at the program, reports from Field Ministers who have been deployed, and how not only individuals are changing but how the prison culture is being transformed.

Introduction to the NCFMP: The Mission, The Ministry, The Men Blog

I approach the writing of this blog as an NCFMP Graduate Assistant and the AIE Editor. This blog features information on and stories from the mission, ministry, and men of the NCFMP. Some blogs draw on my own life and ministry, others depict the life and ministry of others. Some posts address relevant issues or event from the perspective of a participant in the NCFMP.

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