Made in the Image of God

February 22, 2016

What does it mean to be made in the image of God?


Have you ever heard about the high school football game in 2008 played between Grapevine Faith Lions and Gainsville State School Tornadoes? Coach Kris Hogan did something amazing that night.  It wasn’t great plays or a stellar performance by an individual player that made the game that night. You see Gainsville is a maximum-security facility for juveniles and Coach Hogan decided to organize something special that night.


Using parents, fans, and cheerleaders he made a spirit line –for the other team - to run through. He had them make a banner saying “Go Tornados”!, had their fans sit on the Gainsville side and cheer for the team by name, and event sent their the cheerleaders to cheer for the team. Many of the young men on the opposing team that night had lost their families, their freedom, and even their hope because of bad choices. Coach Hogan wanted to give those boys from Gainsville that night something that hadn’t received before; hope.


We are all made in the image of God; therefore, we all have the need to be loved and to love others. Today, let’s show someone that they are valued. Whether it’s your spouse, kids, or co-worker, show them that they are appreciated. 


For more insight on hope, subscribe to the hope devotional in the Game Plan For Life app. For more on being made in the image of God, click here.

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