Pride Comes Before the Fall

May 31, 2016


Pride comes before the fall. One of the struggles that men tend to deal with is pride.  We enjoy being the “Alpha Male” or the one that is looked upon for leadership. That is one of the reasons we like playing sports. Hearing the cheers from the fans and being the one to score the winning touchdown is a great feeling.  It can be easy to begin feeling self-important, conceited, or ultimately even arrogant. 


I can remember many years ago when I was coaching the Redskins, my wife was talking about her day and things that were going on with kids.  That night we were playing for the division championship against the Dallas Cowboys.  I wasn’t really paying attention.  Then she asked me to pick up my socks.  I thought, “The nerve of her!  She is asking me to pick up my socks?  Does she know what I have to do today?”  I left for work and, as I do as part of my daily routine, I began to pray.  I felt so convicted.  I called her and let her know that I appreciated everything she did at home and with the kids. What she was taking care of at home was more important than anything I could have going on. Pride is a funny thing.  Don’t get me wrong, a healthy self-esteem can be a positive, but we can get in trouble if we let it get out of hand. 


When you become prideful, there tends to be a series of aftereffects:


(1) You become un-teachable.  You are the know-it-all, even when you don’t know it all. 

(2) You become rigid and authoritarian.  You are not open to other points of view and there is no changing your mind.

(3) You become insecure.  Wrapping yourself in pride is just a cloak to mask the things you are dealing with on the inside.  Maybe its past hurts or long-standing prejudices, those are things that need to be dealt with accordingly. And finally

(4) You respond with anger rather than peace.  You react in a manner that is filled with rage and anger than being respectful.  You tend to use a condescending tone with people rather than responding with humility.


If what I just described sounds like you and how you deal with others around you (your family, friends, co-workers), you may have an issue with pride. It’s sad that many will read this and say “That’s not me!”, but it might just be! Take a look within yourself. Pray and ask God to reveal areas where you are prideful.  Remember, “Pride comes before the fall” (Proverbs 16:18). 

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