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Game Plan for Life Book Revised Edition

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Updated edition, now with a special chapter on dealing with loss.

Written with the sports fan in mind, this book is an “average Joe’s” guide to what the Bible has to say about 11 important topics for men such as finances, relationships, physical and spiritual health, occupation, overcoming sin and addiction among others. Along with Joe’s stories about his success (and failures), the book contains contributions from 11 experts on each of the topics.

New Testament Study Bible

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This small book was designed for those who have questions about Christianity, and who are motivated to read for themselves, straight from God’s Word, to find answers such as: Who is God? Why Read the Bible? and What is God’s Plan for Me? Altogether there are 14 topics discussed and you are referred to the specific New Testament scripture verses which address the topics.

Joe Gibbs Tract

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Request a copy of Joe Gibbs Tracts. We will send these out in sets of 10 so you can share with others.

Game Plan For Life Small Group Study Volume 1 & 2

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Take a tour of the Joe Gibbs Racing facility as you journey with Coach Gibbs through two six-week experiences designed to help you win in the game of life. Based on a national survey of 700 men as well as Coach’s conversations with thousands of men, the Gibbs team addresses the topics that men most want and need to tackle.

'Chalk Talks' Daily Devotional for Men

Chalk Talk.png

Need a daily devotional for men? Well, here are forty readings written by three-time Super Bowl Champion Coach and three-time NASCAR Champion Team Owner Joe Gibbs. For men of all ages and all walks of life, for sports fans and “regular Joes,” you will find inspiration and road-tested ways of navigating both victory and failure for ultimate success in your own life.

Game Plan For Life NIV Study Bible

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The NIV Game Plan for Life Bible will reveal God’s perspective in a practical, engaging way. Joe Gibbs writes realistic, accessible notes about God’s perspective on the everyday life issues men struggle with most. This hardcover NIV Bible gives you the tools you need to build a solid, God-honoring game plan for your life.

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