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The only thing Jase loves more than hunting is Jesus. Jase Robertson is an American television star, who became popular through the show Duck Dynasty. He is also COO of Duck Commander, an innovator, and a professional duck hunter. He is known for avoiding work in favor of hunting and fishing, speaking "duckinese", and for his self-proclaimed frog-hunting abilities. He calls himself "a frog's worst nightmare".

Jase didn't grow up in a Christian family. His parents made a living by working at a bar. Then, all of a sudden, his parents had a drastic lifestyle change. They started attending church, and his dad started taking him hunting. Jase first started seeing God when he examined the intricacies of nature. "I want to see who built this planet," he said. After talking to his parents about God, they said: "You need to find your own faith." And they went on to explain that its more about a relationship with God than about how much you know. When he was 14, he heard the Gospel, went to the cross and asked for forgiveness.

Hear his story in the video below:


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