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“At institutions like ours that are unapologetically Christian, we know that God is a god of grace, and despite our worst actions at times, God’s grace intercedes in such a way that people who have committed the worst crimes you can imagine can authentically be changed. And if given the opportunity, they can live a life that has a positive outcome from that point forward. A program like this really builds on that concept.”



"I consider the field minister program to be one of the most important things I'll do in my life," said Gibbs. “The great thing about our God is our God is a God of second chances."


Game Plan for Life and The College at Southeastern’s education for inmates at Nash Correctional is changing the lives of inmates and others at the prison. Below, men share their experience with the program.
"It is a rare and precious thing when in the context of prison, within the razor wire, cold concrete walls and floors, amidst the darkness, pent-up anger, guilt, confusion, and evil that a light, a warmth, and a peace can enter the picture. The Field Minister Program can, and has already begun the ministry of reconciliation, as men have allowed the Holy Spirit to use them to minister the love of Jesus to other men in their periphery. I have witnessed men, tears running down their face, who days before were cursing God, now thanking God for his forgiveness."


"Personally, I must say that being a part of the Field Minister Program is one of the most humbling experiences that has ever taken place in my life. Obviously, salvation being the most humbling, and the continuing work of the Lord in my life. Having children and recognizing the gift that God has given in each of them is a humbling experience (x3). God, giving me this opportunity, after all that I did in ministry before coming to prison, humbles me beyond what I can adequately express in words. It confirms His Word, that the gifts and callings of God are without repentance. But more than anything it drives me to my knees in humble, thankful adoration to our great God and Father and for the Son, Jesus Christ, our Redeemer and Reconciler, and for the Holy Spirit, our Healer and one that Restores. And to think that he sees fit to love me and use me is beyond comprehension."


"The North Carolina Field Ministry Program (NCFMP) is a dream come true because it has given purpose to what is considered an obscure existence. Being in prison has in itself defeaters, so when a person decides to follow Christ they are viewed as passive and weak by the general population, scorned by the lip professors, and mocked by society. The call to serve is as real inside these walls as it is outside, with equal struggles. The College at Southeastern along with Game Plan for Life (GPL) has provided an opportunity to individuals who are desirous to create change in places ripe for the Word of God to shine its light. NCFMP is providing a doorway for spiritual guidance, guidance from individuals who identify with the hardships of prison life and are able to give sound advice."


"The opportunity has given my brothers and I the sense of purpose behind walls that we’ve been confined to for quite some time and now have the joy of serving our King in a capacity to bring boundless change to effect on numerous levels and dimensions. There are souls that God will allow us to come in contact with that have ideologies, convictions, beliefs, questions, and many views of God that we are being educated to deal with and answer. Before seminary there were things that I knew but didn’t have the slightest idea how to present them in any apologetic manner to defend my faith. I speak for myself and know that my brethren would express the same thanks to God for the opportunity to learn more of how GRAND He is. I’m not saying without seminary we couldn’t win souls and be effective in the kingdom, it’s just that we’re better prepared and trained to deal with the demands of ministry. To GOD be all the glory and remember that God equips those He calls. Bless God!"


“So many of them came out of broken homes. So many of them started life with 2 strikes against them and a broken bat. So yes, they made mistakes, but the odds were really stacked against them. Why wouldn’t we want to come along side of them to say “ I think your’re valuable, I think you’re important, I think you have something to contribute to the Kingdom of God.” 

-Seminary President, Danny Akin

*The real names of the students have been changed for sake of their privacy. Thank you for your understanding.
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