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Mark Howard

Get In the Game of Life


Mark Howard was just a guy going through life, until he attended a Game Plan For Life Breakfast

Bryan Schwartz

Former NFL Player & Pastor


What happens when your wife has had it? Watch how God uses former Jacksonville Jaguars player Bryan Schwartz's wife to bring him to salvation!

Disciple Christian Motorcycle Club

God is Great!


These guys are changing the face of motorcycle clubs across the country! Through accountability, acceptance, and strong discipleship, these guys do more than ride for Jesus!

Raghib Ismail

Former CFL and NFL player


Raghib "Rocket" Ismail grew up Muslim, but a series of traumatic events led him to salvation.

Jeff Struecker

U.S. Army Ranger


Hear the story that inspired the movie "Black Hawk Down"

Jase Robertson Witnesses to Prank Caller

"Duck Dynasty" Star


Reality show star Jase Robertson shares his first experience with sharing his faith

Perry Tuttle

Clemson Hall of Famer


When Perry signed his contract for the NFL is got everything the world told him would make him happy.  He found himself empty, but one thing finally gave him fulfilment

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