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Average Joe | JD Gibbs

A Man with a Lasting Legacy.

Watch this beautiful tribute to JD Gibbs' life. Learn more about his legacy here

Average Joe | Rich Froning

The Fittest Man on Earth

How did losing help Rich Froning win four CrossFit championships?

Average Joe | Dabo Swinney

Clemson University Head Football Coach

Sometimes not getting what you want is exactly what you need

Average Joe | Disciple Christian Motorcycle Club

God is Great!

These guys are changing the face of motorcycle clubs across the country! Through accountability, acceptance, and strong discipleship, these guys do more than ride for Jesus!

Average Joe | Jase Robertson

"Duck Dynasty"Reality Star

Duck Commander executive shares his story of faith

Average Joe | Kirk Cousins

Quarterback, Washington Redskins

Many athletes are know for their promiscuous lifestyles.  Kirk Cousins chose a different route.

Average Joe | Darryl Strawberry

Former Major League Baseball player

Darryl Strawberry was at the top of his game in the late 80's and early 90's when addiction and personal trials struck him.  But, this Average Joe decided that God had the final say in the direction for his life!

Average Joe | Adam LaRoche

Former Major League Baseball Player

How do you walk away from millions of dollars?  See the life changing moment for Adam LaRoche, a man of God.

Average Joe | Joe Girardi

New York Yankees Manager

Hear from a World Series champion on why he is successful in life

Average Joe | Josh McCown

NFL Player

After bouncing around to several different teams in the NFL, Josh found himself coaching high school football.  It was during that time he learned to become a servant and having the best comeback of his NFL career.

Average Joe | Rolo

Former Inmate turned Christ follower

Does God give grace to someone who feels hopeless? Here's the incredible story of Rolo and his remarkable transformation in Jesus. 

Average Joe | Trip Lee

Christian Rapper

Reach Records artist Trip Lee describes why nothing can separate him from the love of Christ and discusses his mixtape The Waiting Room.

Average Joe | Ish Smith

NBA Point Guard

"I thought going to church was enough. But I soon realized, I needed a relationship" -Ish Smith

Average Joe | Jared Emerson

Performance Artist

"If God can allow me to do something when I'm broken, look at the opportunities when I'm 100%" -Jared Emerson

Average Joe | Jim Noble

Pastor and Restaurateur

How can a simple bakery change lives? Find out how this man of God decides to live his life.

Average Joe | John Wells

"The Tonic" from the Christian rap group Cross Movement

What happens when you allow God to take control of your life instead of anxiety and stress?

Average Joe | Bryan Schwartz

Former NFL Player & Pastor

What happens when your wife has had it? Watch former Jacksonville Jaguars player Bryan Schwartz share his story!

Average Joe | Mark Howard

Get In the Game of Life

Mark Howard was just a guy going through life, until he attended a Game Plan For Life Breakfast

Average Joe | Raghib Ismail

Former CFL and NFL player

Raghib "Rocket" Ismail grew up Muslim, but a series of traumatic events led him in a different direction

Average Joe | KB

Two-Time Dove Award Winning Rapper

What happens when a friend commits suicide? How do you deal with it? How do you comfort the family?

Average Joe | Jeff Struecker

U.S. Army Ranger

Hear the story that inspired the movie "Black Hawk Down"

Average Joe | Jase Robertson

"Duck Dynasty" Star

Reality show star Jase Robertson shares his first experience with sharing his faith

Average Joe | London Fletcher

Former NFL Star

Listen to the story of how heartbreak and tragedy led to a successful career in professional sports

Average Joe | Richie Parker

Six-time NASCAR Champion Engineer

There was something a little different about Richie when he was born.  Find out how his obstacles propelled him into an award winning career

Average Joe | Charlie Ward

Former NBA Star

He won a Heisman, but never played in the NFL. See how overcoming addiction fueled his fired to become an NBA star

Average Joe | Tim Brown

NFL Hall of Famer

How do you reconcile with a father after a troubled past?

Average Joe | Dave Turin

"Gold Rush" Star

Gold is not the only thing that Dave Turin is after

Purpose Coach | Tony Evans

Pastor, Oak Cliff Bible Fellowship

Tony Evans gives us insight into finding God's purpose in our lives

Average Joe | Norm Miller

President of Interstate Batteries and Founder of "I Am Second"

What happens when alcohol addiction gets in the way of normal everyday life? Interesting things happen when you put yourself second and God first!

Average Joe | Caleb Castille

Lead Actor, Woodlawn

Not many people would walk away from a two-time national football title winning team, but Caleb Castille did.  Look at what God did next!

Average Joe | Ryan Clark

Former NFL player and Football Analyst

Ryan found his strength through something more than football

Average Joe | Mark Brunell

Former NFL Player and Coach

Going through a financial struggle can be tough.  Knowing that God is by your side through your struggle is easy

Average Joe | Kedric Golston

NFL Player

Current Washington Redskin discusses having faith in something greater than football

Average Joe | Perry Tuttle

Clemson Hall of Famer

When Perry signed his contract for the NFL is got everything the world told him would make him happy.  He found himself empty, but one thing finally gave him fulfilment

Average Joe | Sam Hornish, Jr.


What makes this NASCAR driver go fast?

Average Joe | Rich Froning Talks About Social Media

CrossFit Champion

Sometimes logging off can help you tune in

Average Joe | Leonard Wheeler

Motivational Speaker

Loosing someone you love can be tough. Leonard Wheeler tells how he dealt with grief in his own life

Average Joe | Jason Baker

Former Carolina Panther

Sports can be an avenue where character is built.  See how this former Carolina Panther, built his character through football.

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