Average Joe | JD Gibbs

A Man with a Lasting Legacy.

Watch this beautiful tribute to JD Gibbs' life. Learn more about his legacy here

Average Joe | Rich Froning

The Fittest Man on Earth

How did losing help Rich Froning win four CrossFit championships?

Average Joe | Dabo Swinney

Clemson University Head Football Coach

Sometimes not getting what you want is exactly what you need

Average Joe | Disciple Christian Motorcycle Club

God is Great!

These guys are changing the face of motorcycle clubs across the country! Through accountability, acceptance, and strong discipleship, these guys do more than ride for Jesus!

Average Joe | Jase Robertson

"Duck Dynasty"Reality Star

Duck Commander executive shares his story of faith

Average Joe | Kirk Cousins

Quarterback, Washington Redskins

Many athletes are know for their promiscuous lifestyles.  Kirk Cousins chose a different route.

Average Joe | Darryl Strawberry

Former Major League Baseball player

Darryl Strawberry was at the top of his game in the late 80's and early 90's when addiction and personal trials struck him.  But, this Average Joe decided that God had the final say in the direction for his life!

Average Joe | Adam LaRoche

Former Major League Baseball Player

How do you walk away from millions of dollars?  See the life changing moment for Adam LaRoche, a man of God.

Average Joe | Joe Girardi

New York Yankees Manager

Hear from a World Series champion on why he is successful in life

Average Joe | Josh McCown

NFL Player

After bouncing around to several different teams in the NFL, Josh found himself coaching high school football.  It was during that time he learned to become a servant and having the best comeback of his NFL career.

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