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Tearing his MCL was a defining moment in Jared's life. He was nervous about performing while being injured, but nevertheless, he decided to perform and prayed that all would go well. And God decided to show up. It made Jared realize that God can use him even when he is broken. And that is when he realized it was his purpose in life to paint for God.

"The focus of my work is to capture the essence of what I create, whether it’s in a person, an object, or anything you can imagine or envision; I will capture it for you to enjoy for years and years. I come from a family of strong values, and I would describe my faith as a personal relationship with my Lord, Jesus. Christ has given me the strength to provide a level of intensity that pours onto my canvas at each event. Every stroke, every detail I do to the glory of God. If I didn’t believe in what I was doing, you would be able to see it in my work."

Hear his story in the video below:


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