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Darryl Strawberry

A Story of Restoration


From trials, to triumph, to restoration.

Mark Howard

Get In the Game of Life


Mark Howard was just a guy going through life, until he attended a Game Plan For Life Breakfast

Rich Froning

The Fittest Man on Earth


How did losing help Rich Froning win four CrossFit championships?


Disciple Christian Motorcycle Club

God is Great!


These guys are changing the face of motorcycle clubs across the country! Through accountability, acceptance, and strong discipleship, these guys do more than ride for Jesus!

Charlie Ward

Former NBA Star


He won a Heisman, but never played in the NFL. See how overcoming addiction fueled his fired to become an NBA star

Norm Miller

President of Interstate Batteries and Founder of "I Am Second"


What happens when alcohol addiction gets in the way of normal everyday life? Interesting things happen when you put yourself second and God first!

Rich Froning Talks About Social Media

CrossFit Champion


Sometimes logging off can help you tune in

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